Welcome to Zero Waste Classroom!

You might be an educator- or you might not! The classroom is for everyone- a space where we’re all learning how to live lighter on this beautiful planet and do our best to protect the people, animals, and living things that call this place home. The power comes when we all accept that we’re constantly learning and growing and we, just like the kids in our lives, can always learn new habits. You’ll find tips and tricks for going zero waste at home, while traveling, in the classroom, and with kids!


IMG_1363I’m Heidi- a teacher in Denver with a passion for first grade, vegan food, and pretty mountains. While I’ve always considered myself “eco-conscious”, I began to realize several years ago that my impact on the world around me could be a lot smaller with a few simple changes. I made the transition to zero waste living at home in 2015, and after I got pretty good at reducing my personal trash output, I turned my focus to my second home- my classroom! The past few years I’ve worked hard to minimize the waste coming out of a classroom of 20+ little ones, and to pass on the wonder and respect I feel for this beautiful planet to every kiddo that leaves my classroom, and I’ve got some ideas to share!

Hey- what does “zero waste” really mean? 

The term “zero waste” can be used in lots of ways- but most importantly, it’s vital that we realize that no one is truly ZERO waste. We live in a linear economy, and nobody can really get by without leaving a footprint here on earth. But- does that mean we shouldn’t try to do better? I certainly don’t think so! The term “zero” gives us a goal, and reminds us that we can continually work to lessen our impact. It doesn’t mean that we’ve failed if we make trash! Lots of things affect our ability to shrink the amount of waste we’re producing, including access to resources and privileges that not everyone has. Zero waste living can look different for every person- the important thing is cultivating a mindset focused on doing the best we can and always being willing to improve where we can! Zero waste living (and teaching!) should feel inspiring, inviting, accessible, and FUN!

I hope you find some ideas, tips, or tricks that are easy to use and help you make a little less trash!

Is this a website just for teachers? 

Not at all! Zero Waste Classroom is meant to be a place for everyone to learn more about lowering their impact. While there are many, many amazing blogs and websites and resources out there for going zero waste at home, I struggled to find anyone who’d documented the same process for teachers and  kids working in a school environment. So, I decided to make something myself, and share tips for cutting down on waste produced at home and in the world of education.